Attribute Groups

When creating new Attribute Sets, it'll be necessary to create it's Attribute Groups too.

Beside the possiblity to copy the Attribute Groups with the column based_on e. g. from the Default Attribute Set, it'll also will be possible to create new ones on-the-fly. Whereas the default Attribute Group can be defined in the same row as the Attribute Set has been defined, for any additional Attribute Group a new row has to be added.

A CSV file that creates the Attribute Set Bag as well as 10 Attribute Groups can look like

attribute_set_name based_on entity_type_code sort_order attribute_group_name attribute_group_code attribute_group_tab_group_code attribute_group_sort_order default_id
Bag catalog_product 2 Product Details product-details basic 10 1
Content content basic 15 0
Bundle Items bundle-items 16 0
Images image-management basic 20 0
Search Engine Optimization search-engine-optimization basic 30 0
Advanced Pricing advanced-pricing advanced 40 0
Design design advanced 50 0
Schedule Design Update schedule-design-update advanced 55 0
Autosettings autosettings advanced 60 0
Gift Options gift-options 61 0