As well as for products, the import functionality for attributes provides the possiblity to import values on different scopes. Therefore, all scope specific values, depending on the attribute's type, has to be added on a separate row for each scope, which represents a store view, like

store_view_code attribute_code frontend_label attribute_option_values ...
activity Activity Gym,Hiking,Trail,Urban
de_DE activity Aktivität Fitness,Wandern,Trail,Städtisch
fr_FR activity Activité Gymnastique,Randonnée Pédestre,Sentier,D'urbanisme
es_ES activity Actuación Gimnasio,Senderismo,Rezagarse,Urbano

The example above shows a part of a CSV file with scope specific values for the columns frontend_label and attribute_option_values. The column store_view_code MUST contain the appropriate Magento store view code, whereas the value in column attribute_code is mandatory for EVERY row.

Translateable Values

In general, the label of for every attribute can be translated. Depending on the frontend input type, an attribute's option/swatch values can also be translated. In the case the attribute frontend type is one of

  • Multiple Select
  • Dropdown
  • Visual Swatch
  • Text Swatch

the translations can be provided in a separate row for every store view in the column attribute_option_values (see the chapter above).