Category Import

Pacemaker Community comes with a category import and the apropriate command import:categories therefore. You can find more information about how to invoke the command in the Usage section.

In general the filename for the dedicated MSI import MUST match the following pattern <PREFIX>_<FILENAME>_<COUNTER>.csv, whereas the default <PREFIX> is category-import, the <FILENAME> is a combination of date and time like 20190608-114344, and the <COUNTER> is a consecutive number with two digits starting with 01. This results in a filename like category-import_20190608-114344_01.csv. Additionally an apropriate .ok file is needed.

ATTENTION: Please be aware that the three parts MUST be separated with an underscore "_" as there is meaning for the bunch import behind its structure.

Unique Identifier

For the product import, the SKU is for sure the unique identifier of a product. In case of the categories this is a bit more complicated as Magento uses a string of the imploded category IDs, separated by a slash (/), e. g. 1/2/120/1502. As it is simply not possible that e. g. the PIM system is aware of those IDs, the category instead needs a string with the admin store category names instead of the ID and expects it in the column path. This results in values that looks like Default Category/Women/Tops/Hoodies & Sweatshirts.

A common problem can be, that one of those category names itself contain a slash (/). In that case, the category name has to be enclosed with the default enclosing character, e. g. the double aposthrophe ("). As for the Additional Attributes column of the product import this is necessary to make sure that the path can be extracted and the category will be added to the correct parent node. The value for a category path that contains slashes has to look like

"Default Category/Dachdecker- & Spenglerarbeiten/""Kehl-/Traufenanschlüsse & -Belüftungen""/""Trauf-/Lüftungsrollen"""


The CSV file with the categories for the Magento 2 CE/EE consists of the following columns

Column Name Type Mandatory Description Example
store_view_code varchar yes The specific store view(s) where the category is available. If blank, the category is available at the default store view. e.g. en_US or read more about additional sopes
attribute_set_code varchar yes Assigns the product to a specific attribute set or product template, according to product type. Once the product is created, the attribute set cannot be changed. default
path varchar yes The complete category path, including the root category. Default Category/MyCategory
name varchar yes The category name appears the naviagtion, and is the name that customers use to identify the category. My Category
is_active int yes Enables or disables the category. 1
is_anchor int yes If the category is anchor, the category's products as well as the products of the subcategories will be listed. 1
include_in_menu int yes Specifies if the category will be included in the menu or not. 1
use_name_in_product_search int yes If the category name is used for fulltext search on products 1
display_mode varchar yes One of "Products only", "Static block only" or "Static block and products" Products only
url_key varchar yes The category's unique URL key my-category
description text no The category description, that'll be rendered on the category page Some longer text here
image_path varchar no The absolute or relative path to a category image file images/categories/my-category.png
meta_title varchar no The category's title that'll be rendered in the category page's <title> tag My Category Name
meta_keywords text no The category's meta keywords that'll be rendered in the category page's tag Category Name, Keyword 1, Keyword 2
meta_description text no The category's meta description that'll be rendered in the category page's tag A good Description with SEO relevant content
landing_page int no The ID of a CMS block that has to be rendered in the category page 2
position int no The category's position in the navigation 10
custom_design varchar no The custom design name used to display the catgory Magneto Blank
custom_design_from datetime no The start date for the scheduled design update 10/24/16, 12:36 PM
custom_design_to datetime no The end date for the scheduled design update 10/24/16, 12:36 PM
page_layout varchar no A custom page layout used to disploy the category, one of 1 column, 2 columns with left bar, 2 columns with right bar, 3 columns, Empty 1 column
custom_layout_update text no A custom page layout update in XML format
available_sort_by text no The comma separated product list sortings for the catgory Position,Name
default_sort_by varchar no The default product list sorting for the category Position
custom_apply_to_products int no If set to 1, the design will also be applied to the products listed in the category 1
custom_use_parent_settings int no Overrides the custom design settings with the default one's 1
filter_price_range decimal no The layered navigation price steps 100.00
created_at varchar no The category's creation date 10/24/16, 12:36 PM
updated_at varchar no The date when the category has been updated 10/24/16, 12:36 PM
additional_attributes text no A comma separated list with additional attributes (the attributes MUST already be available) custom_attribute_01=a-value,custom_attribute_02=value-01|value-02