Additional Attributes

The column additional_attributes allows to import values for all attributes that are not part of the default CSV format, including the user defined ones.

ALWAYS keep in mind, that in case of an attribute with type Yes/No, Select, Multiple Select, Dropdown, Text Swatch, Visual Swatch the value is ALWAYS the value of the admin store view, NEVER one of the scope values. In case of all other attribute types, the value IS the value that'll rendered for the select store view, either in backend or frontend.

Enclosing, Escaping and Delimiter

As the default multiple field seprarator, which separates the key value pairs with the option values to be imported, is a comma (,) it is necessary to enclose the COMPLETE value of the column with double apostrophes ("). Additionally, if only ONE of the attribute option values also contains a comma, e. g. like the value Laptop Sleeve, 15 inches the COMPLETE key value pair additionally has to be enclosed with double apostrophes ("). This in case, leads to funny constellations, as those double apostrophes (") has to be escaped with double apostrophes (") again like

sku ... additional_attributes ...
MB-2401 "color=black,""features=Audio Pocket|Laptop Sleeve, 15 inches"""

In case the values of an additional attributes contains a double apostrophe ("), e. g. like Laptop "Sleeve" those has to be escaped with a backslash or an double apostrophe (") itself like

sku ... additional_attributes ...
MB-2401 "color=black,features=Audio Pocket|Laptop ""Sleeve"""

It'll also be possible that the values of additional attributes contains double apostrophes (") as well as commas (,). Those has to be enclosed and escaped like

sku ... additional_attributes ...
MB-2401 "color=black,""features=Audio Pocket|Laptop ""Sleeve"", 15 inches"""

Please keep in mind, that when a escape character, which defaults to backslash (\), is used to escape the delimiter, e. g. Laptop \"Sleeve\" the delimiter will NOT be removed automatically, instead it'll be stored in the database.

Multiselect Attributes

In case of Multiselect Attributes, mostly more than one value for an attribute will be specified. Those values has to b separated by character, which by default is the pipe (|). For example if the Multiselect Attribute activity should have the values gym and hiking, trails selected the column additional_attributes MUST look like

sku ... additional_attributes ...
MB-2401 """activity=gym|hiking, trails"",""features=Audio Pocket|Laptop Sleeve, 15 inches"""

The Multiselect Attributes ore the only values that uses the multiple value delimiter!


Beside the general CSV configuration on subject level Pacemaker Community allows to override the default values, which are a comma (,) for the multiple field and a pipe (|) for the muliple value separator. In contrast to the general CSV configuration this has to be done on the global level and is therefore valid for all operations, subjects and observers.

The default configuration can be overwritten by adding either one of or both multiple-field-delimiter and mulitple-value-delimiter to the confifguration file like

  "magento-edition": "CE",
  "magento-version": "2.3.2",
  "operation-name" : "add-update",
  "installation-dir" : "/var/www/magento",
  "multiple-field-delimiter" : ",",
  "multiple-value-delimiter" : "|",
  "databases" : [ ... ],
  "loggers" : [ ... ],
  "operations" : { ... }