Up with version 3.8.0, validation for all entity types will be activated by default. Especially in case of huge CSV files, lets say > 100 MB, validation can slow down the import process massively. Therefore, the validation is highly customizable and can, if necessary, completely be switched off.

Switch-Off Validaton

If you don't want your CSV files validated, you can override the appropriate shortcuts with a snippet, e. g. etc/configuration/shortcuts.json. For example, if you want to complete remove the validation from the add-update process of your product import, delete the operation "general/catalog_product/validate" from the appropriate shortcut. Finally, the snippet has to look like

  "shortcuts": {
    "ce": {
        "add-update": [

Custom Validations

For each entity type a snippet, that declares the available operations, is available in the corresponding repositories configuration folder etc/configuration/operations.json. Each of This files contain's the configuration for the validation operation. By overriding this definition, e. g. with a custom snippet like custom-configuration-dir>/operations.json, you've full control what will be validated and how the validation works.

In general, the validation operation is based on a validator subject, an observer, some listeners and a bunch of callbacks. Finally, the validations are implemented as callbacks which allows you register one or more validation callbacks for each column. M2IF comes with some specialized callbacks that only can used for the corresponding columns and a custom regex validator that can be used to integrate custom, regex based validations.

To go into details, let's have a look at the validation operation of the product import, which is declared in the operations.json of the techdivision/import-product repository. In order to make it easier to understand, we've removed the unimportant parts.

  "operations": {
    "general": {
      "catalog_product": {
        "validate": {
          "plugins": {
            "subject": {
              "id": "import.plugin.subject",
              "subjects": [
                  "params" : {
                    "custom-validations" : {
                      "sku" :  [ "/.+/" ],
                      "product_type": [ "simple", "virtual", "configurable", "bundle", "grouped", "giftcard" ],
                      "visibility": [ "Not Visible Individually", "Catalog", "Search", "Catalog, Search" ]
                  "callbacks": [
                      "sku": [ "import.callback.custom.regex.validator" ],
                      "store_view_code": [ "" ],
                      "attribute_set_code": [ "" ],
                      "product_type": [ "import.callback.custom.array.validator" ],
                      "tax_class_id": [ "" ],
                      "product_websites": [ "" ],
                      "visibility": [ "import.callback.visibility.validator" ],
                      "related_skus": [ "" ],
                      "upsell_skus": [ "" ],
                      "crosssell_skus": [ "" ],
                      "created_at" : [ "import.callback.validator.datetime" ],
                      "updated_at" : [ "import.callback.validator.datetime" ],
                      "special_price_to_date" : [ "import.callback.validator.datetime" ],
                      "special_price_from_date" : [ "import.callback.validator.datetime" ],
                      "custom_design_to" : [ "import.callback.validator.datetime" ],
                      "custom_design_from" : [ "import.callback.validator.datetime" ],
                      "new_to_date" : [ "import.callback.validator.datetime" ],
                      "new_from_date" : [ "import.callback.validator.datetime" ],
                      "price" : [ "import.callback.validator.number" ],
                      "special_price" : [ "import.callback.validator.number" ],
                      "map_price" : [ "import.callback.validator.number" ],
                      "msrp_price" : [ "import.callback.validator.number" ],
                      "qty" : [ "import.callback.validator.number" ]

So, if you face a problem with a validator or you don't need it, because your file doesn't contain the column, simply remove the corresponding callback from your overriding snippet.

Regex Validator

The regex validator, used to validate the SKU uses a regular expression to validate the value of the corresponding column. For the SKU, the regular expression simply results in /.+/ what allows any character with at least one char. So if you want to allow digitals only, you can change the regular expression in the params/custom-validations array from /.+/ to /\+d/. Our recommendation for a regex builder is which will help you a lot to find the right expression for your needs.

Custom Array Validator

If you don't want to use a regular expression, but you've a list of allowed values, the custom array validator will be a good decision. By default, we use it to validate the product type. To add your own product type, simply extend the list in the params/custom-validations array, e. g. to "simple", "virtual", "configurable", "bundle", "grouped", "giftcard", "my_product_type".