Customer + Customer Address Import

M2IF comes with a customer and customer address import as well as the apropriate commands import:customers and import:customers:address therefore. You can find more information about how to invoke the command in the Usage section.

In general the filename for the dedicated MSI import MUST match the following pattern <PREFIX>_<FILENAME>_<COUNTER>.csv, whereas the default <PREFIX> for the customer import is customer-import and for the customer address import customer-address-import. The <FILENAME> is a combination of date and time like 20190608-114344, and the <COUNTER> is a consecutive number with two digits starting with 01. This results in a filename like customer-import_20190608-114344_01.csv for customers and customer-address-import_20190608-114344_01.csv for customer addresses. Additionally an apropriate .ok file is needed.

ATTENTION: Please be aware that the three parts MUST be separated with an underscore "_" as there is meaning for the bunch import behind its structure.

The structure for the Customer + Customer Address Import is 100 % compatible with the Magento 2 CSV structure. Have a look at the Magento 2 documentation for a detailed description of the CSV file structure.

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