Product Import

By default, the product import expects a CSV file with the following defaults

  • UTF-8 encoding
  • Date format is n/d/y, g:i A
  • Values delimiter is a comma (,)
  • Multiple value delimiter is a pipe (|)
  • Text values are enclosed with double apostrophes (")
  • Special chars are secaped with a backslash ()

Columns that doesn't contain a value are ignored by default. This means, it is NOT possible to delete or override an existing value with an empty value. To delete an existing value, the whole category has to be removed by running an import with the delete operation. After that, the category with the new values can be imported by running an add-update operation.

The structure for the Product import is 100 % compatible with the Magento 2 CSV structure. Have a look at the Magento 2 documentation for a detailed description of the CSV file structure.

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