Usage as PHAR

Using M2IF as PHAR usually has no impact.

Path within the PAHR file

Given the case, it is necessary to specify the path to a custom configuration file, e. g. when using the command to create an OK file, it'll be helpful when the path inside the PHAR file can be used. Inside M2IF, streams are used to load the configuration file. As has a native PHP support for reading data from PHAR archives, this is possible by the notation phar://<path-to-the-phar-file/<path-to-the-file-inside-the-phar-file>. If for example, the configuration file for the attibute import should be specfified, this can be done with

import-cli-simple.phar import:create:ok-file --configuration=phar://dist/import-cli-simple.phar/vendor/techdivision/import-attribute/etc/techdivision-import.json

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